Merrigum golf

June 09, 2017

Merrigum golfers Bruce Brown (pictured), Darryl Johnston and Greg Hall put together a handy score in the three-person Gentsomes event on Saturday,

Merrigum golfers contested a three-person Gentsomes event on Saturday, a mixture between ambrose and aggregate stableford.

For those unfamiliar with the format, this is how the game is played.

All three players drive and then all play out the hole individually from the position of the best ball.

The best two stableford scores on each hole are added to give the result.

When you have a team made up of players who finished first, second and fourth the previous week, there is every chance they will put together a pretty handy score — and that’s just what Darryl Johnston, Greg Hall and Bruce Brown did. Darryl and Greg both had sensational days when they had a choice of three drives, finishing with 48 and 47 points respectively.

That is not to say that Bruce did not contribute; he did, and the team amassed an amazing 101 points — not too far off six points a hole and not too shabby at all.

Darryl and Greg with the advantage of higher handicaps than Bruce were able to benefit from his long drives and would have found themselves much closer to the green than normal for their second shots.

Such was the dominance of this team that it was 17 points ahead of the next best, consisting of Barry Webber, Keith Hogeboom and Ash Sanders.

Nearest-the-pins were won by Simon Doherty on the jackpot 12th — and no, you don’t want to know how he did it but he did beat someone who has probably taken more cash and food vouchers from the club than anyone else, so it was somewhat satisfying, while Bruce Brown was nearest on the 14th.

Next Saturday’s event is stroke.

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