Merrigum golf

December 01, 2017

Merrigum golfers played a stroke round for the Privilege Cup on Saturday in warm and sometimes steamy conditions.

A gentle breeze while there was some cloud cover was appreciated but when the sun was out in full force it had players heading for the refreshment tent to rehydrate — the thing we do these days instead of having a drink.

As is the case on Privilege Cup now we also played for Bruce Brown’s secret nine and least putts sponsored by Simon and Tash Doherty.

We are fortunate to have members who are not only generous with the time and effort they give to the club, but also with their sponsorship, so a big thanks to Simon, Tash and Bruce for what they contribute to the club on both counts.

Bill Bray had the round of the day, winning with a score of 81-13-68.

He started well but had a mediocre middle part of the round before finishing off strongly, with the exception of the last which has been a nemesis for him of late.

The win also earned him a coveted spot in the next ‘Tiger Cup’ play-off which will take place next March.

Now that the Privilege Cup no longer comes with taxi vouchers it probably won’t get the use it might have 20 years ago, quite apart from the fact that Bill wouldn’t trust his memory well enough anyway.

Tash Doherty continues to be a dominant force in all competitions and was once again at the fore, heading the ball competition with a round of 86-17-69, with Rod Newham also in the ball comp with 100-31-69.

Bill Bray couldn’t have had a much better day as he also took off Bruce Brown’s secret nine voucher.

Nearest-the-pin winners were Ash Sanders on the jackpot 12th and Tash Doherty on the 14th.

Wayne Thorson won Simon and Tash’s least putts with 27 but was a noticed absentee at presentations.

Last week’s twilight competition was won by Barry Webber with a score of 52-18-34, a good two shots clear of Russ Speed who was runner-up with 52-16-36.

Bazza has had a few good rounds recently and could be a threat in the overall standings come the end of the competition. Clare Doherty was a ball winner with 36.5.

Cory Berghofer took the jackpot on the ninth while Russ Speed had least putts with 14.

The two-point cut was 40.

This coming Saturday’s event is pairs ambrose, the second round of the summer four-ball.

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