Merrigum golf

February 02, 2018

It was another hot day on Saturday, prompting an early start for Merrigum golfers in an effort to beat the heat.

While the temperature may not have reached the forecast high, the humidity more than made up for it and made the latter part of the round pretty uncomfortable.

Despite the weather, there was a good roll-up for the Privilege Cup stroke round, with the winner also taking Bruce ‘Muscles’ Brown’s voucher and the final place in next month’s Tiger Cup play-off.

Simon and Tash Doherty sponsored least putts, so there was plenty worth playing for.

John Fuller was the winner after a three-way countback.

He was his usual steady self in compiling a score of 86-15-71.

Fuller has the frustrating (for most of us) knack of playing up the middle all day, something we all aspire to but few of us can achieve.

He will be a formidable opponent for those who have qualified for the Tiger Cup play-off next month.

Frank Leyden headed the ball competition with a round of 95-24-71 and was followed by James Campbell, who has been in good form since his return to the fold. His score was 81-10-71.

All three of those players lost a portion from their handicaps but none lost enough to lose a shot at their home club.

Nearest-the-pins were won by Tony Borrelli on the jackpot 12th, a hole he regularly takes the cash on, and Bruce Brown on the 14th.

Least putts was won by Russell Dunn with 25.

Last Thursday’s twilight competition was won by Phil Savage quite comfortably with a round of 47-11-36.

Given that it is getting late in the season, Savage seems to feel no need to ease on the handbrake any more, so we had a chance to see his real ability.

Simon Doherty made up a couple of vital points on overall leader Andrew Wood by finishing runner-up with 42-3-39, but he did have to survive a countback with wife Tash, who scored 45-6-39.

Simon also took the nearest-the-pin on the 14th, while Savage had least putts with 15.

The two-point cut was 40.

This Saturday’s event is stroke and by the current forecast hit-off should revert to the normal time.

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